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"People do not grow when everything comes to them quickly. There is that pause in between than makes and create character." - Francis Kong (via zerogigabyte)

This is why I love being on tumblr. =]]. Kapag tumambay ka at nagbasa ka sa dash, lahat may sense, yung tipong kahit opinyon nila may laman, yung tipong kahit personal post, nakaka relate ka, yung tipong simpleng joke matatawa ka! Nakakatuwa! Kaya di ko talaga iiwan ang tumblr kahit kelan =))


Good deeds won’t increase your faith in God. It is your faith in Him that makes you do good deeds.

My life isn’t perfect, but I’m thankful for everything I have. 

Anonymous inquired: "What must I do to be saved??"


What a question!! 

Someone in the Bible asked this exact same question. The answer was, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You and your whole house!”

The good news is this: the world chose to turn it’s back on God, and as a result was doomed to death, because there is no life without God. But God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son. And whoever trusts in Him, has the opportunity to come back to God and regain the life that lasts forever, even after physical death. 

Note that this is an opportunity. A narrow road back to God has been blazed. Many chose not to walk it. 

My suggestion is that you read through the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John with this in mind. 

Also, you should find a church where there are people you can ask face-to-face questions of. People who can help you on your journey!

And lastly, God’s love extends to every part of your life. Bring all your worries, fears and troubles to Him in prayer. And get ready, because He’s in the business of taking broken lives and making them into beautiful ones.


you’re not what you look like. you’re the music you listen to, the shows you watch, the art you make, the flowers in your hair, your favourite blanket. you’re not the pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You’re not your thighs or your teeth. you’re the colour of your hair, you’re your favourite band, you’re the mismatch socks you wear and your favourite sweater. You’re what you love, you’re not what you look like or the body you are in.


if someone has a fucking phobia of something don’t be an asshole and play with their fear for your own amusement




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I Cri.

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